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PIONEER CDJ 2000 - DJM 900 NEXUS - DJM/CDJ0000001


PIONEER CDJ 2000 NEXUS  - (CDJ00000001-1)
Rp . 16.000.000,- / Non Negotiable

Rp. 16.000.000,- / Non Negotiable

COD : Jakarta Selatan - Blok M Plaza - Cideng

    Status : Limited Stock  

     c/p :  Dandy  ( 0819 0871 1960 )

     Status :

             Tanggal Upload : 06 July 2013
             Tanggal Terjual  : --

Features :

The dimensions of the CDJ-2000 nexus have been specifically chosen so as to fit perfectly alongside their DJM-900 nexus mixer. As soon as they have been unboxed the first things that you notice are the large 6,1 inch slanted colour-display and the jogwheel with adjustable torque. On the left hand side of the player are the transport and navigation controls accompanied by the hot-cue buttons, SD and USB slots. On the right hand side there is the pitchfader featuring a reset button and  a optional master tempo button. Directly above them you will find the new sync function that can be used in conjunction with other CDJ-200 nexus’ connected via lan cable. The user can also choose between  CDJ and vinyl mode, for whatever style of
mixing is preferred. The fully adjustable start/stop times give a hint of vinyl feeling. Above the jogwheel is the new slip mode button that preserves continuity whilst using features such as loops, cue points and scratches.

Set under the display are the the control elements for the saving/activating of loops and cue-points. On the left next to the display is the new quantize function button that
guarantees loops and cues to sit perfectly in the mix upon activation. Above the quantize button are the buttons that allow the selection of songs from various media types and sources. Last but not least, there are the navigation keys & rotary control above the display for simplified browsing & set-up functions of the player. [more]

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